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About our company

WHO we are.  A Professional Local Chef, Equipment Service Expert and a Business Exec got together and with support  from some  Restaurant Equipment industry friends, and guidance from a Guru, started a service that helps  Food People.


WHAT we do.  HFS sells quality certified pre-owned restaurant equipment to avoid the need to buy expensive new pieces. We pick up, set up and deliver  equipment, smallwares and other items for your kitchen needs. We provide maintenance service contracts, as well as repair & cleaning of your existing equipment.


WHY we do it.  With more than 45 years of combined experience in the food industry, the trio of Partners are closely tied to both the industry and community. They have built strong relationships with local businesses and have lived the challenges of food service operations.  Together, they found a way to assist food people to navigate changing times through renovation, downsize, moving, buying or disposing of restaurant equipment and in some cases close down.

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Tour HFS Showroom

Tour HFS Showroom

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